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NYSC Position Specific

NYSC Position Specific Clinics

Limited spaces available

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NYSC, as an affiliate of New York City FC (Boys) and Sky Blue FC (Girls), is offering the NYSC Position Specific Clinics as a specialized training opportunity for players to develop the specific skills needed for GK’s, Defender’s and Striker’s.

The NYSC Position Specific Clinics offers players the opportunity to further their current training schedule through sessions with expert NYSC coaching. The program is intended as a supplement to current NYSC and non-NYSC players.

The coaches will be following a detailed age appropriate curriculum that will ensure all players, independent of ability, will develop and improve both technical and tactical aspects of their game specific to their position.

The program is open to all players (boys and girls), birth years 2009-2001.


GK Clinic - develop footwork, handling, correct dive techniques, distribution

Defender Clinic - develop defensive principles, positional understanding, decision making

Striker Clinic - develop ball striking technique, shooting and finishing, positional understanding, decision making 



To learn more about the NYSC Position Specific Program, please contact